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vincent b​/​w fountain

by the little typists

vincent 04:46
do you know what they should do? they should go downtown they should go to millets downtown they should go to millets downtown and purchase ordnance survey map 2-6-0 1:25,000 scale 2 and a half inches to the mile they should go downtown and buy that map that's what they should do in fact and i worked this out with a pencil so you can't necessarily trust its veracity they should purchase 625 MILLION copies of this map and then they should go out and wallpaper as it were obliterate entirely plaster the whole region covered by said map with copies of the map this region being greater nottingham and the vale of belvoir that's what they should do this would create an interesting feature tourists would love it many of them spend vast sums of money and aeons of time in a currently fruitless quest for precisely such a vista imagine the job creation the boost to the local economy world heritage site status awaits and the thing is right these ordnance survey people they're sticklers for detail they'd go up in their balloon they'd look down they'd think but our map is no longer an accurate reflection of this area it's wrong they'd have to do a new one they'd do a new one it'd be an interesting map being basically a picture of 625 MILLION tiny little map-shaped rectangles so they'd do this new map what we could then do is go down to millets and buy the new map and do it again and again and again onwards and upwards as it were i mean after a bit they'd have to redo the contours and everything and then we'd all die crushed to near-nonentity beneath a vast weight of high-quality semi-waterproof paper safe though in the knowledge of having attained the one real status available to man that of becoming archaeologically interesting i put this to my mate vincent he says that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard in my life which is good coming from someone who spends about 18 hours a day online do you know what they should do?
fountain 03:30
it says here american classic 7A vic firth (R) that this was exactly the type of thing one might have expected to find emblazoned across all that turn of the century leisurewear never made any sense to me at all unlike my reading it out to you off this particular drumstick on this particular evening over this beat under this guise of it says here popular song


released March 23, 2022


all rights reserved



the little typists Nottingham, UK

music by SPANDEX
words by MAZ

hello and welcome; there's an excellent introductory playlist, "looks like there is no activity for the selected timeframe", on the soundcloud site...

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