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by the little typists



jetsam, noun

"unwanted material or goods that have been thrown overboard from a ship and washed ashore, especially material that has been discarded to lighten the vessel"


the salisbury arms!
jumping jesus
this place
can drive you crazy
i was in here just last night
to taper off a bit
and i was twice mistakenly pulled
a pint of
having quite distinctly ordered
a half of
what can you do?
i took it
on the chin
i mean
what can you do?

and then just now this dinnertime
i was stood
behind this woman
at the bar
who was served
the wrong pint of
(origin, charles wells, bedford - excellent)
so i took it off her
of the half of same
i had been
of a mind
to purchase
the barmaid kindly offering to charge me
for only
what would have been
my original order
i mean
i declined
for at least a couple of reasons
what can you do?

speaking of gentlemen
i might have to ask


by the way
she says they do this 2-4-1 on the pizza in here
all day monday
you would have to wonder
how that might pan out

"ay up, matt, it's only me. just ringing about that thing we've been working on. i'm having second thoughts like i thought i might do. it just feels a bit 2-dimensional. just flotsam in the pub going on a bit, isn't it really. i mean, why tell me about it? anyway basically i think it sounds like something we might have wrote about 25 years ago. all that kind of observational stuff's been done to death by the craphats. i reckon either we come up with some kind of non-sequitur outro type of thing just to make it a bit more interesting or we knock it on the head altogether, start a new one. probably the latter to be honest. anyway i definitely would be up for getting back in the studio this week, but is there any chance we could postpone it 'til tuesday? catch you in a bit."


released July 13, 2023
music by SPANDEX
words by MAZ

additional artwork, "pizza in extreme close-up", by T.A.D.


all rights reserved



the little typists Nottingham, UK

music by SPANDEX
words by MAZ

hello and welcome; there's an excellent introductory playlist, "looks like there is no activity for the selected timeframe", on the soundcloud site...

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